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Managing the Pusher: A Virtual NDT Workshop

Southwestern Ontario Stroke Network


Saturday September 18 , 2021 - 8:30 AM

Cost: $271.20

Registration: Required

This one-day virtual webinar will provide an opportunity for health care professionals to gain insight into managing the individual with contraversive pushing tendencies (“Pusher Syndrome”). The individual who suffers from a stroke and has “pushing” tendencies presents with unique impairments that challenge clinicians.

This workshop will present the current theoretical evidence and discuss how as NDT therapists we effectively assess and treat these individuals. Various treatment ideas will be presented to help guide therapists in making impactful clinical decisions and in enhancing functional outcomes when working with the individual who “pushes”. The workshop will contain didactic information, problem solving sessions, detailed lab information with handouts, and videos to watch. The session will have live, virtual interaction with the instructor throughout the workshop.

Contact : Back Works Spinal & Sports Rehabilitation
Phone : 519-746-8172

Email: reception@backworksphysiotherapy.ca

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Workshop + Stroke