Why should we focus on Stroke Care?
  • 3rd leading cause of death in Canada
  • 2nd leading cause of dementia
  • Single largest group for referral to Long Term Care Homes
  • After stroke 60% are left with some disability, 40% require intense rehabilitation

The Southwestern Ontario Stroke Network (SWOSN) is 1 of 11 stroke networks in Ontario providing leadership and planning to support stroke best practices across the care continuum. Our program collaborates with hospitals and agencies within the community to support regional and local quality improvement strategies in stroke care and prevention. As part of the Ontario stroke system, our vision is FEWER STROKES. BETTER OUTCOMES. Some key functions at SWOSN are:
  • to identify and implement best practices,
  • promote equity of access to care and services,
  • foster effective use of resources through innovation, quality improvement and integration/coordination of service delivery, and
  • to support system design and evaluation